Staff, Board Members and Committees

Executive Director

Kevin Haggerty is the Interim Executive Director of Friends of the Farms and works to lead and inspire others to preserve and enhance local farming. This mission has been at the core of Kevin’s past agricultural work, which has sought to blend and connect progressive food production systems, experiential educational programs, and collaborative hunger relief projects. Kevin has worked with Heifer International as a full time market gardener and environmental educator, stressing the valuable role of healthy food systems in combating local and international hunger. In Arkansas, Kevin served with AmeriCorps to develop a sustainable school market farm focused on collectively feeding Central Arkansas’ homeless student population.  Kevin has also founded a community garden, designed multiple food bank gleaning programs, collaborated on the creation of a SNAP eligible mobile farmers market, and acted as the program coordinator for the City of Little Rock’s Love Your School Initiative, a city wide school based nutrition education program. Kevin hopes to continue to keep his hands in the soil and his boots dirty, while working to enable and inspire the future generations of American Foodies and Farmers.

To contact Kevin call 925.303.6344 or email

Board Members

Bart Berg was born and raised on Bainbridge Island. Bart is the founder of a local landscape architectural firm, Bart Berg Landscape, working principally on the island for 33 years.  Bart joined the board in 2005. He serves chairperson of the projects committee.  He initiated Sunday Farm Walks at the Suyematsu-Bentryn Farms and is the regular leader of monthly Saturday farm work parties. Bart is active in the Bainbride Island Metropolitan Park District’s trail advisory committee promoting and building trails on the island. He also has acted in many productions at Bainbridge Performing Arts and in local vocal performance groups.  Bart received the Phyllis Young award from the Bainbridge Island Land Trust in 2005.

Ginny Brewer joined the board in 2008 and currently serves as chair of the fundraising committee. She has been on Bainbridge Island since 1978. She ran a small business in Winslow and worked as an ESL instructor at Olympic College for 15 years. Past volunteer experience includes serving on, including shifts as chairperson, the Bainbridge Island School District Multicultural Council, Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council and Public Art Committee. Ginny is an avid gardener and can often be found walking her dog around Battle Point Park.

Eun-Sook Goidel  and her family moved from the “other” Washington and have happily called Bainbridge Island home since 2000.  Eun-Sook has worked on “green” purchasing issues since the early 1990s, helping federal, state and local agencies incorporate environmental and sustainability considerations in their purchases of products and services.   She helped to establish a foundation for environmental purchasing in the federal sector while at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and pioneered the practice of purchasing greener by government agencies.  Since leaving the government sector in 2001, Eun-Sook has continued her work to help advance environmental purchasing among public sector organizations.   Eun-Sook is passionate about cooking the bounty of locally grown foods with her children.  She loves exploring cuisines from other cultures and has enjoyed teaching and cooking with elementary aged-kids   Eun-Sook has fond memories of playing among her grandparents’ persimmon orchards while growing up in the southern farmlands of Korea.

Becca Hanson is a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects and a founding principal of Studio Hanson/Roberts (SHR), a design firm on the Island that specializes in the design of zoos, wildlife reserves and sanctuaries around the world.  She, along with her husband and partner, David, have lived on the Island since 1983, raised two sons and numerous dogs, and now have the privilege of introducing two grandsons to this place.  Becca has served on the City of Bainbridge Island’s Planning Commission and the Dog Area Working Group with the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park District and currently serves on the Projects Committee of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust. Her connection to growing food must have been genetically derived – all of her grandparents were farmers. Growing food has naturally fallen into her “bucket of must-haves” in life: places for children to play and test their capabilities, clean water, a walk in the woods surrounded by wild LIFE, and a community of neighbors to share it with.

Omie Kerr moved to Bainbridge Island in 2006, after a lifetime of moving, first following her parents, then as a student and high school teacher and finally, along with her husband Larry, for 25 years as foreign service officers. Since moving to the island, she has served as a Board Member at Bainbridge Performing Arts, Camp Siberia, and the Bainbridge Community Foundation.  She is also a Master Gardener and serves as a Rain Garden Mentor.  She believes that local farmlands contribute to long-term environmental and community sustainability and jointed the Board in 2014.

Brian McWhorter migrated to the West Coast in 1974, landing in Eugene, Oregon. He founded Butler Green Farms which has been in operation throughout Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap for over 25 years. Brian’s farm business includes direct-to-customer sales through his Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and the Farmers’ Market and sales to local restaurants and grocery stores. Brian currently operates at seven locations, utilizing various sites that may otherwise have remained idle, helping to preserve farmland and healthy, sustainable farm practices. Brian grows just about everything you would expect to find fresh and close to home, in addition to raising pigs, cows, lambs and chickens.

John Milberg and his wife Justine moved to Bainbridge Island in 2008 after a 32-year career at Pacific Life Insurance Company in Newport Beach, California.   At Pacific Life, John was a member of the Society of Actuaries and was involved in the marketing, investment, accounting and actuarial functions of the insurance company. Prior to joining Pacific Life, John was a Lieutenant in the US Navy and taught mathematics at the Naval Nuclear Power School in Bainbridge, Maryland. John and Justine built their home on Bainbridge, and through their work with Bart Berg (who was their landscape architect), they were introduced to Friends of the Farms and the work that is being done to preserve local farming on Bainbridge.

Ryan Montella is a designer, planner and farmer who represents the next generation of thinkers taking an integral approach to food security, and policy issues surrounding the wide spectrum of challenges that faces farmers today.  Ryan moved to Washington in 2012 to study at Butler Green Farms on Bainbridge island and has since taken on the position as project manager.  His background includes graduate studies of post-disaster resiliency with a focus on agricultural systems at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont, where he worked with the community of Waitsfield, VT after Tropical Storm Irene. And he has worked for various initiatives in Detroit, Michigan helping to design more resilient master plans for several non-profits.  His current projects include La Vida Verde Center in Lo De Marcos, Mexico, Middle Field Farms on Bainbridge island, and Roots and Stems Organic Flowers in San Franciso CA.  Ryan is currently Government Affairs liaison for Friends of the Farms.

Bobbie Morgan is a retired speech/language pathologist who has been on the island since 1994. In 2001 she co-founded the Natural Landscapes Project, an environmental outreach and education nonprofit organization, and currently serves on the advisory board of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. Bobbie joined the Friends of the Farms board in 2009. She is currently president of the board and  serves on the Outreach/Development and Agricultural Lands committees. She sees that “re-localization” is coming, and believes that keeping farming alive in our community is one of the essentials for a viable future. Bobbie loves to read about sustainability and co-founded the Environmental Book Club.  For more fun, she listens to all kinds of music, from opera to bluegrass and loves to eat local food cooked by her husband.

Karen Selvar was born and raised on Bainbridge Island.  She joined the Board of Directors of Friends of the Farms in 2013.  Karen began working, as a young girl, for Akio Suyematsu picking heritage strawberries.  Those early work experiences and Akio’s mentoring helped form Karen’s deep connection to the land and the sustainability of small scale agriculture on Bainbridge Island. She has been farming on Bainbridge Island for 35 years, originally as Manzanita Organics and for the past twenty years as Bainbridge Island Farms. Karen continues to grow Islanders’ favorite strawberries and raspberries along with other seasonal crops, such as asparagus, pumpkins and squash.

Dave Shorett has lived on Bainbridge Island about 28 years, joining the board in 2010 in an effort to foster farming on the island. He serves on the Agricultural Lands committee. Dave has also served on the Bainbridge Island Open Space Commission, Wyckoff Committee and Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park District Board. Dave also writes about his avocations, having published four books on fishing and co-authored a book about island walks with his wife, Alice.

Friends of the Farms has a number of committees that work on specific projects. Committee membership is open to non-Board members. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact to find out how to become a member of one of our committees. We would appreciate your involvement.


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